Put simply, the 2011 Mediocrity is spectacularly ordinary. Perhaps that’s why Conventional Car Tribune called its handling “wonderfully conservative.” Car & Rider Magazine added, “It gets you from A to B without ruffling any feathers at all.” The Auto Montage Gazette crowned Mediocrity “Most Mainstream in its class.” Drive one today and see why the experts agree, “If you’ve seen this mid-size sedan, you’ve pretty much seen them all."

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Build your own

See a couple of basic color choices and accessories for the 2011 Mediocrity.



The 2011 Mediocrity has three adequate trim options. That’s one more than two, one less than four and nine less than twelve.


Locate a dealer

The 2011 Mediocrity has an interior and an exterior. See them here.


The mediocrity quiz

Stare aimlessly at a lot of intricate numbers and complex specifications for the 2011 Mediocrity.