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Cisco Greenfield Project
The Ask: Create a series of omni-channel assets for Cisco regional teams to use in marketing campaigns that promote Cisco Webex Calling and Webex Contact Center solutions to BDMs and IT decision makers.

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Cisco Greenfield Landing Page

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Cisco NGFW Infographic
With more remote employees, hybrid clouds, mobile/personal devices and cloud applications, the rules of network security aren’t so simple anymore. The typical network now has numerous enforcement points, so businesses need to enforce policy and functionality across all firewalling activities to make the organization easier to manage and more secure. With deep visibility and powerful control, Cisco NGFW is the foundation for the most comprehensive security platform on the planet.

Cisco NGFW Infographic

Cisco Single Platform eBook
To encourage CIOs and IT Directors to create a more modern enterprise experience by driving stronger employee engagement and more compelling customer experiences, we wrote and designed a slideshare style eBook and anchored it around the theme of workplace drivers to a single platform.

Cisco Collab Single Platform eBook 1

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Cisco Webex 5 Reasons Project
The Ask
Create an eBook and social kit for IT Directors and CIOs to message how Webex Meetings and Teams provide a secure, smart, and scalable world-class meeting experience tailored to meet the needs of their organization.

Cisco Webex 5 Reasons 1

Cisco Webex 5 Reasons 2

Cisco Webex 5 Reasons 3

Cisco Webex 5 Reasons 4

Cisco Webex 5 Reasons 5

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Cisco Webex 5 Reasons 7

Cisco Webex 5 Reasons 8

Cisco Webex 5 Reasons Social

Cisco SD-WAN Infographic
The ask was to create an infographic to clearly communicate how and why only Cisco can provide integrated, end-to-end security across your WAN, branch and cloud.
Cisco SD WAN Infographic