Show everyone just how neutral you are with MMC officially licensed merchandise. Wear our Mediocrity dickey out to your next Debate Club meeting. Sip a bland cup of joe from our mug as you ponder the Periodic Table of the Elements. Work on your hook or slice or bunker shot with this Mediocrity logo golf ball. The possibilities are up to you as long as you’re not afraid to let your mind wander.

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Golf ttl

Impress your Sales Team with our round golf balls, which have our Mediocrity logo printed on them and are engineered specifically for playing golf on a grass surface. Dimple configuration (shown above) is an octahedral 322 pattern for average flight and compression ratio. Fun fact: most golf balls manufactured today have 336 dimples.

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Mug ttl

Hot beverages, cold beverages: this mug holds them both. Hold the mug, carefully take a sip, as confidence seemingly appears to greet your unfamiliar face.

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Socks ttl

Made with fabric that stretches, these crew socks adequately cover your feet. Wear them while mowing the lawn or taking walks of leisure.


Shoe ttl

Taupe, mauve, hazel, beige, teal, french grey, they’re all here! Collect all colors of shoe horns for your fashion-neutral wardrobe.


Purse ttl

Great news for penny-pinchers, this coin purse will protect your pennies (or other coins) from all the outside elements. Also combats pocket lint, fast. If you like to buy things with coins, this coin purse will cradle your coins with a velvet touch.


dickey ttl

Our logo dickey gives you the ready-for-anything look of layering without all the bulk or extra warmth. Imported from Saskatchewan in a wrinkle-free, 50/50 polyester blend. Great for socializing, or as a holiday gift for any son-in-law named Biff or Kip.

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